The Cake Cottage provides cakes that will push the boundaries
of what you knew to be a sweet sensation and/or help you become the chef that you are!


Choice is yours.
The Cake Cottage can create the cake of your dreams by helping you design your cake to match the colours and flowers of your wedding. Your Floral decorations can be handmade by sugar (the most popular), white or brown chocolate or fresh flowers.

For the more contemporary look; ribbons, bouncing hearts, ornaments and chocolate (garnah or spirals) can also be used to give your cake a look with a difference.

When to order your Wedding Cake.
So that you are no disappointed, you can secure your wedding cake as early as the day you book your wedding date. This will ensure that you have the date you need as we can be booked out early in the summer wedding season. If you are not entirely sure what type of cake you want, you can still secure your date by sending a deposit. This will give you plenty of time to decide, safe in the knowledge that you wedding cake has been booked.

*All prices are confirmed at the time your cake is purchased.

We love surprises! ..but also like being upfront with the cost before we meet your expectations.
BASIC LINE CAKES Start at $45 - $180
CUSTOM CAKES Start at $110 upwards
3D CAKES Start at $220 - $450
GIANT CUP CAKES $65 - $180
WEDDING CAKES Start at $140 for a 1 Tier Cake, $280 for a 2 Tier Cake and $450 for a 3 Tier Cake.
(03) 9783 5009 Custom cakes can be decorated for any special occasion. Please see our Custom Orders gallery for a sample of decorated cakes.


Our flavours include: Chocolate, Coho-Orange, Choc-Hazelnut, Choc Raspberry, Choc-Strawberry, Caramel, Choc-Mars Bar, White Chocolate, Orange and Poppy Seed, Marble, Choc-Peppermint, White Choc-Strawberry Swirl, White Choc-Raspberry Swirl and Lemon.

Why not have a tier of each to satisfy all taste buds?

Of course our cakes are available in traditional fruit. However, all of our mud cakes are increasingly being chosen by couples looking for to serve the cakes as dessert or with coffee.

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