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Drop in to The Cake Cottage and discover our huge range of sweets, treats, pastries and more.


We stock a full range of cooking products to help you create your own sweet masterpieces at home and conduct regular cooking classes to teach you how. Our fresh coffee and delicious menu to match will make any day special.

French Vanilla Slice.
Pecan Pie.
Lemon Meringue Pie.
Anzac Cookies.
Chocolate Brownies.
Raspberry n Almond Tarts.
French Croissants.
Raspberry n Cream Pastry Rings.
Chocolate Eclairs.
Baked Custard Tarts.
Homemade Sausage Rolls.
Small and Family Size Homemade Quiche.
Spinach n Ricotta Rolls.

Plus more tasty surprises every week!

EXCITING NEWS!! We have just launched our new coffee servery in the front window.
If your on the run and want a fresh coffee, morning, noon or afternoon, swing by and say hi and we'll be happy to quickly put some more bounce in your step.

Order a custom layer cake!

Are you organising an upcoming party or event and wish to impress? We have a complete range of cake options to choose from.
Contact us to book in your custom cake today!
*All prices are confirmed at the time your cake is purchased.

We love surprises! ..but also like being upfront with the cost before we meet your expectations.
BASIC LINE CAKES Start at $45 - $180
CUSTOM CAKES Start at $110 upwards
3D CAKES Start at $220 - $450
GIANT CUP CAKES $65 - $180
WEDDING CAKES Start at $140 for a 1 Tier Cake, $280 for a 2 Tier Cake and $450 for a 3 Tier Cake.
(03) 9783 5009 Custom cakes can be decorated for any special occasion. Please see our Custom Orders gallery for a sample of decorated cakes.