Cancer, Pink & The truth about Cakes!!!

Since the age of 13 creating and designing cakes has been my passion. In 1996, this became my career as I opened my first business.
The Cake Cottage! In the words of Pink “Cuz I Can”.

The rise of the business was acclaimed by various accolades; The Cake Cottage was a finalist in the Victorian Bridal industry Awards 9 years running by customer choice. In 2008 it took 1st place and 3rd in Australia. This was a true highlight, and followed with many accreditations for years to come.

In Feb 2009 I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma I wanted to make the “Great Escape”, “Who Knew” this would happen to me... my world fell apart and I said to myself I’m in “Trouble” now. “My Signature move” was to “Try” and “Try” again I did and not only once but 3 times. Despite my diagnosis I continued to pursue my dream of opening a shop front for my business, then in March 2012 I opened Cake This.

Now facing my 4th battle with cancer and you might of worked out that Pink’s music has played a significant role in each recovery to date, the lyrics and the timing of her album releases seemed as though they were written for me. With Pinks recent Australian tour, I wanted to show my appreciation of this place she had, had in my recovery.

I was lucky enough to win a backstage pass and decided that I would use this opportunity to make Pink one of favourite things “cheese cakes” topped with my handmade images of her Truth about love tour, I included a letter with the cakes and was overwhelmed & thrilled when I received a personal Tweet from her.

I then took the liberty to make her and her crew a replica of the stage in cake this was delivered on her final Melbourne concert celebrating her record 18 shows , I got to hold her hand while she was singing at the front of the stage’. This was a surreal moment in my life!

Once again she has inspired me to “Get the party started” on this cancer and have it “leave me alone” once and for all.

Throughout this experience I have learnt valuable lessons, about life and all it offers and how to better my Business making wiser decisions. Due to me not protecting my intellectual property I have to for go the name Cake This, whilst this name was (I thought) important to me I have learnt that its only a name and not what I’m all about so am going back to my ground roots “The Cake Cottage”.

Life has gone full circle and “So What, I’m still a rock star” and it’s nice to return home and find out recently that I am now cancer free!!!

My journey has only begun so please “Raise your Glass” with me, come and experience my store, and or shop online with our brand new addition and be a part of “The Cake Cottage's” return. It’s not just a cake shop it a Slice of Cake Heaven.....

Sally, Owner